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Learning Together

Summer Success Program

The Summer Success Program (SSP) is a summer tutoring program that supports students in mastering the essentials in literacy and math. These courses could serve as a review of the grade level your child has completed, OR as an introduction to the grade level they will be entering into in the fall. Available for Grades 1 - 5.


New! We have also included a wonderful enrichment course geared for the upper elementary grades. Be sure to check out our SSP Creative Writing course!

Online registration begins on March 15th.

“Both of my boys were enrolled in the Summer Success Program to keep Math fresh in their minds and to better prepare them for the upcoming school year (going into 2nd and 4th grades, respectively ).  They don’t love doing Math with Mom and Dad so we thought this program would be perfect for them, and it was.  The groups for both were small so they got a lot of attention, and they were able to accomplish a lot in the hour they were in class.  Both boys always came out with huge smiles on their faces and they looked forward to going every week.  Because of this program our boys will know some of the Math concepts heading into the next school year, and as parents, we didn’t have to fight with them to work on Math this Summer!  It was a win/win for all.”

-Allison H., Clifton Park parent

What to expect during SSP...


Direct Instruction

Each small-group session will include direct instruction for students. Direct instruction focuses on carefully planned and well-developed lessons created around clearly explained teaching tasks and small learning increments. Direct instruction eliminates misinterpretations, which can greatly enhance and accelerate the learning process.


Hands-On Learning

ALL lessons that are taught in the CLASSROOM provide hands-on learning. This improves students' cognitive understanding of the subject material. Students learn how to find solutions and think independently. Furthermore, hands-on learning increases students' motivation to learn and enhances their creativity. 


Relaxed Environment

The CLASSROOM provides a relaxed learning environment for students. Flexible seating gives students the option to control their physical environment in which they work best. With this choice, students gain greater flexibility and control of their surroundings giving them comfort to stay engaged and focused. 


Engaging Activities

The CLASSROOM aims to create engaging activities for ALL learners to increase their attention and focus, and motivate them to engage in higher-level critical thinking. Our lessons and activities are NOT your pencil-and-paper type lessons. Students will be manipulating materials and be made part of the process of learning. 

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