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Preschool Camps

Ages 3-5 years

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The CLASSROOM is so excited to offer camps for our youngest learners! Activities, crafts, and play will be designed around a theme (or unit of study). All camps will promote social and emotional development, inspire creativity and problem-solving, and encourage communication skills. 

Each day will include a read aloud, craft, process art, and activities based on the theme. Activities may include using water colors, washable paints, drawing materials, play-doh, sensory bins, games and puzzles. Students will be sorting, predicting, discussing, and PLAYING! 

**All camps are indoors in a climate-controlled classroom setting and limited to 3-6 students/camp**

Note: Children do not have to be potty-trained, however a parent/caregiver will be contacted if there are accidents or a diaper needs to be changed. Child must be able to tell the teacher when he/she needs to use the bathroom. Each camp will have an assistant to help with classroom activities as well as assist children in the bathroom. 

Summer Camps 
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