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Preschool Camps

Ages 3-5 years

Camp Registration Form - please complete and email to:

The CLASSROOM is so excited to offer camps for our youngest learners! Activities, crafts, and play will be designed around a theme (or unit of study). All camps will promote social and emotional development, inspire creativity and problem-solving, and encourage communication skills. 

Each day will include a read aloud, craft, process art, and activities based on the theme. Activities may include using water colors, washable paints, drawing materials, play-doh, sensory bins, games and puzzles. Students will be sorting, predicting, discussing, and PLAYING! 

**All camps are indoors in a climate-controlled classroom setting and limited to 3-6 students/camp**

Note: Children do not have to be potty-trained, however a parent/caregiver will be contacted if there are accidents or a diaper needs to be changed. Child must be able to tell the teacher when he/she needs to use the bathroom. Each camp will have an assistant to help with classroom activities as well as assist children in the bathroom. 

"Plants & Gardening" (4-day camp)
July 1 - July 5 (*NO class on 7/4)
Lead Teacher: Miss Katie
Our garden-inspired crafts, science, fine motor and color activities are all hands-on and designed to engage your little one's curiosity about the dynamic environment of a garden and how plants grow!

2024 Summer Schedule

"Insects, Bugs & Other Creepy Crawlies!" 
July 8th - July 11th
Lead Teacher: Miss Brooke
Welcome to the world of creepy crawlies, where we make learning about bugs fun for preschoolers! Our camp includes exploring the characteristics and life cycles of insects and spiders, as well as imitating them through movement and song. Join us as we sing, paint, and learn about the fascinating world of bugs!
outer space.jpeg
 NEW! "Into Outer Space!"
July 22nd - July 26th
Lead Teacher: Miss Kristyn 
Get ready for an adventure out of this world in our new preschool camp! Our hands-on learning process will take your child on a journey through the wonders of space, teaching them about constellations, phases of the moon, and much more! Our goal is to inspire astronomy as a passion, ignite imaginations, and encourage a long-term fascination with outer space!
 NEW! "Let's Go Camping!"
July 29th - August 2nd 
Lead Teacher: Miss Katie
It’s time to embark on a camping journey! Children will learn new songs, engage in collaborative and dramatic play, and make some really neat crafts!  Your preschooler will also learn about teamwork and respect for nature and the beauty of our world.
 NEW! "Get Ready for Kindergarten!"
(*This camp is specifically designed for students entering Kindergarten in the fall 2024.)
Aug. 5th - August 9th 
Lead Teacher: Miss Kristyn 

Ease the transition to Kindergarten!  This camp is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten in the fall. Each day is filled with fun math, writing, and reading activities. Children are introduced to school-day routines, small group instruction, and hands-on centers. Students will be using and developing their fine and gross motor skills as well as their social skills, learning through play. The morning will be balanced with tons of fun, with students having ample time for creative play. Your child will leave having had fun but also feeling prepared for Kindergarten!

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