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Summer Success Program
Grade 1 - Literacy

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30pm
July 10th - August 14th

6-week Course Outline

Overview: Each class will include a warm up, individual  phonemic instruction, and an interactive lesson based around the core concept of the week. Strategies on manipulating, adding and deleting sounds will  be incorporated into each lesson. The topics for each week help to prepare or refresh between grade levels and introduce upcoming grade-level content.

Week 1

Phonemic Awareness Skills - Students will practice on their phonemic awareness building upon skills as the weeks go on. 

Week 2

Word building - Students will be making and breaking words and manipulating sounds. 

Week 3

Digraph Blends -Students will build their skills when using digraphs and consonant blends.

Week 4

Base Word-Prefix/Suffix - Students will be able to identify the base word and the significance of the prefix and suffix ending.

Week 5

Sentence Formation - Students will practice their writing and sentence formation.

Week 6

Wrap It Up - we will pull together all the concepts of the past 5 weeks.

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