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Summer Success Program
Grade 4 - Literacy

Wednesdays, 2:45 - 3:45pm
July 19th - August 23rd

6-week Course Outline

Overview: Each class will include a writing warm up, individual reading fluency instruction, and an interactive lesson based around the core concept of the week. Strategies on how to read fluently, read with expression, and how to think deeply about a text will be incorporated into each lesson. The topics for each week bridge the gap between grade levels and introduce upcoming grade-level content.

Week 1

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots - Students will learn higher level morphological skills and how words can be broken down into smaller units of meaning. Students will also learn how to decode and encode multi-syllable words.

Week 2

Text Evidence - Students will learn how to identify key details from a text and how to use evidence from a text to support their claim. Students will learn the importance of using text evidence to support their answers.

Week 3

Theme - Students will learn what theme is, how to identify the theme of a text, and the difference between main idea and theme. Students will learn what an inference is and how inferences help us to think deeply about a text.

Week 4

Non-Fiction Text Structures - Students will explore different non-fiction text structures and how the way a text is structured can support the author’s purpose. Students will learn to identify different non-fiction text structures including compare and contrast, cause and effect, problem and solution, order and sequence, and description.

Week 5

Responding to a Text - Students will learn different ways that we can respond to a text and demonstrate what they learned.

Week 6

Deep Dive! - During our last session we will dive deeper into one of the core concepts covered during the first 5 sessions. The content and lesson activities will be individualized to the group of learners in order to best support their skill development.

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