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Meet Mrs. Breznak!

Summer Success Program Teacher
Grade 2 - Math and Literacy

Hello!  My name is Alyssa Breznak and I am currently a 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.  I also taught 3rd grade for three years, and have had experience working in other elementary grade levels as well.  I currently hold six New York State Teaching Certifications, which encompass Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education, Literacy (K-12), and Students with Disabilities (K-6).


My Summer Success classes are designed to help reinforce skills, challenge students, and ensure a smooth transition as they prepare for the upcoming school year.  I have developed a plan for each subject which is based on the most essential skills that your child will need to be successful in the next grade level.  I plan to incorporate many opportunities for discussion, hands-on learning and games, and engaging activities for each topic, in the hopes that your child will be motivated and excited to return to the Summer Success Program the following week.

I hope that you will consider enrolling your child in the Summer Success Program this year!  I would love the opportunity to support your child this summer as they solidify their skills and prepare for the upcoming school year.  I am looking forward to a Summer of Success and I hope you are too!

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