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Learning Time! CLASSROOM is ONE!


Last summer I had a vision. In my mind I pictured a bright, colorful space where I could work with students (from PreK - grade 6!) and get them excited about learning!! A place where even the littlest learners looked forward to coming to learn and play! As for the elementary-aged students, I wanted to eliminate the stigma of "being tutored." Unfortunately, many students view seeking tutoring as a sign of weakness or ineptitude. This misconception can prevent them from getting the assistance they need to succeed academically. Knowing this, I sought out to create a space that was so inviting and where students felt so supported, they actually wanted to be there! A space where kids could move around, had flexible seating, and felt safe to share their learning. While searching for the right "word" to describe this new space, a thought kept popping into my head: create a CLASSROOM!  Learning Time! CLASSROOM was born in August 2022 and I haven't looked back! The CLASSROOM serves as a preschool classroom and a fully- equipped tutoring space.


My creativity really got to soar when I sought out to design small-group preschool classes for our littlest learners. Oh, what fun we have together!! Each class is designed to foster learning invaluable skills such as sharing, being cooperative, and listening well. Classes also focus on developing fine motor skills which is crucial to children feeling confident and advance their learning and skills. Furthermore, our classes allow children explore their environment and build the foundations for learning to read and write. I’m excited to announce that the CLASSROOM will be offering afternoon classes this fall!


We also offered theme-based Preschool Summer Camps this summer! Miss Katie and I were delighted to welcome little learners into the CLASSROOM to explore new topics and have LOTS of fun together! We will be offering a variety of camps again next summer for sure!


The second component of the CLASSROOM is our personalized tutoring services. We offer systematic and structured lessons to supplement what the student is learning in the classroom. We DO NOT follow a one-size-fits-all curriculum! Our goal is to work closely with the students’ families (and oftentimes, classroom teacher) to develop a plan to support the students’ needs in their full-time classroom. We zero in on the concepts that might seem difficult to a student and create lessons to support and scaffold learning. Personalized tutoring helps strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills. Our goal is to give students individualized attention that they don't get in a crowded classroom. This helps children who struggle to keep up, as well as those who aren't challenged enough.


I am proud to say that the success of our tutoring services has been overwhelming and I am incredibly grateful to work with so many amazing children each day! Working with students one-on-one is an absolute highlight of this business! Each day we get to see smiling faces walk through the classroom door - eager to chat about their day and excited to begin the lesson and activities we’ve set up for their session. At Learning Time! CLASSROOM, we believe in fostering a trust between teacher and student and aim to build on their knowledge without fear or judgement — and celebrate their success! We strive to design lessons where students are actively engaged in their learning, feel confident, and see results.


With the success of our private tutoring sessions in the CLASSSROOM, this past summer I saw the need to expand my team of teachers to reach more students. I was delighted to collaborate with a truly awesome group of educators to be able to offer high-quality instruction for students needing support in Grades 1-6 through our Summer Success Program (SSP). I am incredibly proud of the success of this program and have so many new ideas when we roll out the program again next year!


From a vision to a reality, my first year in business has been an incredible journey! Learning Time! CLASSROOM has brought me so much joy in so many ways and I feel so fulfilled by getting to be creative in every aspect of this business. I also couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing kids each day of the week! Thank you to those who have supported Learning Time! CLASSROOM as it grows — I’m motivated and excited about what this next year will bring!

With thanks,



Brooke Lundberg

Owner/Lead Teacher


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