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Summer Success Program
Grade 5 - Literacy

Fridays, 1:00 - 2:00pm

June 30th - July 28th, August 11th (NO class on 8/4)

6-week Course Outline

Overview: During this 6-week Summer Success course, students will work on solidifying comprehension skills and enhancing vocabulary.  Each week will focus on a different comprehension skill.  Vocabulary development and utilizing context clues will also be reviewed and practiced in each session.  In addition, each week the students will complete a brief creative writing piece based on a prompt to enhance their grammar, spelling within written work, use of descriptive details, and writing conventions.  The course outline below details the specific concepts that will be practiced during this course.

Week 1

Vocabulary/Context Clues - Students will review and practice utilizing context clues to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words within a text.

Week 2

Making Inferences - Students will practice generating and supporting inferences from a text, using text evidence to support their thinking.

Week 3

Point of View - Students will analyze how a narrator/character’s point of view influences how events are described.  Students will also analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic to compare/contrast viewpoints of the authors.

Week 4

Main Idea (Nonfiction) - Students will practice determining and supporting the main idea of a text, using specific text evidence to support their claim.

Week 5

Theme (Fiction) - Students will review some common themes in literature.  Students will also practice determining themes of given texts.

Week 6

Main Idea vs. Theme - Students will review the difference between a main idea of a text and a theme of a text.  Students will practice distinguishing key differences between the two.

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