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Math Support

Learning Time! CLASSROOM tutors focus on building concrete skills and helping students with what they immediately need to keep up with schoolwork. We build your child's math foundation by guiding him or her through the solution process, not just by showing how it's done. We ask leading questions that will direct him or her to discover the correct steps. 


Our CLASSROOM includes a wide variety of hands-on learning methods that we incorporate into our lessons. We also integrate math games into lessons and connect math concepts to everyday life.


"If you are a parent of a child in the K-12 system, there is today just one thing you should ensure your offspring has mastered in the math class by the time they graduate: number sense."

- Keith Devlin, Stanford Mathematician

subtraction strategies

number sense activity

equivalent fractions

long division

place value

inequalities using number line

order of operations

solving story problems

place value and exponents

subtraction strategies

solving 2-digit subtraction

2-digit addition strategies

fact families

2-digit addition strategies

doubles & doubles+1 practice

number bonds practice

perimeter and area

number bonds/addition

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