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Literacy Support

Learning Time! CLASSROOM tutors focus on a systematic approach to phonics instruction. We help children become confident and skilled readers through a multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction. Instruction begins at the simplest level, connecting sounds to letters, then progresses to more complex words and texts.


Our CLASSROOM prides itself on making literacy instruction FUN and engaging! Gone are the days of endless worksheets, but rather activities that make phonics feel less rote and more exciting. High engagement means students will eagerly come back again for more!

"Problems with automatic word recognition can contribute to difficulties with fluency, and in turn, often cause problems with comprehension. Fluent reading is necessary for comprehension, because attention required for effortful reading draws resources away from comprehension."

-Dr. Charles Perfetti, Journal of Research in Reading 2023

word sorts

building blends

dividing syllables

high frequency word work

reviewing syllable types

CVC word work

glued sounds/fluency practice


beginning blends

mapping out sounds

beginning blends word sort

beginning blends practice

CVC word work

beginning blends practice

beginning blends practice

diphthongs practice

syllable division practice

building blends with blocks

beginning blends

mapping sight words

sight word practice

"b" and "d" formation

beginning sounds

fluency practice - building sentences

working with diphthongs

sentence fluency

CVC word work

syllable division

syllable division

identifying vowel sounds

finding evidence in a text 

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